Rooms by Eve 15-step design process

After studying Kimberly Seldon’s “Business of Design” program, I have incorporated her 15-step process to design. The orderly steps will ease the stress of redecorating your home. I want my clients to always feel relaxed and the decision they have made to hire me to complete their homes.

Step 1- The consultation

Every single project begins with the consultation. Whether it's a DIY project you are interested in, or a full house remodel it all starts here. This is an opportunity to meet, see your space and understand the scope of the project

Step 2- The Contract

At the end of our consultation, if you are interested in hiring me for the project, we will sit down together and review my service agreement. I charge an hourly rate; alternatively, for larger projects I charge a plat rate per room for my design fees. At this point you will know, before we begin exactly how much that will be. I will require a retainer of 30% of fee at this stage.

Additionally, at this point we will need to establish your budget and your desired style. I need to know more about you, your tastes, your style, and what you like or dislike when it comes to colors and pattern. Once we established that, I can get started on designing your dream home.

Step 3- Trade Day

After I had a chance to review our notes from our consultations, I will schedule Trade day. (You do not have to be present). This is when I will start taking all the measurements and photos of the space. I will also schedule all the tradesmen that will be required to complete your project to come that day as well. That will include contractor, painter, electrician, tiller, window Treatment Company and anyone who will be necessary to complete your project. During this time, I will brainstorm with my team and will discuss ideas and suggestions of design.

I have found that this method works best, as it's the least disruptive to your life.

Step 4- behind the scene design work

After Trade day, each of the tradesmen submit proposal to me, I start putting it all together with the wishlist and budget you have provided, and I begin the process of sourcing. All of the furnishings, fixtures, paint colors, tile, window treatments, rugs, and every other detail will be sourced during this time. Each of these items will be within the range you specified on your budget. I will know lead times for ordering custom products, such as upholstery.

The process can take approximately 4 weeks, but I will update you weekly via email as to where I’m at the process.

Step 5- The presentation

The presentation meeting is the time I will reveal the design board. At this step you get to see what I have pulled together for you, the floor plan with the furniture arranged in each room. Mood boards with the items included, actual paint colors that will be used, fabric sample wall paper, tiles samples etc..

What if you hate it??? Well, if I have done my job correctly in assessing your needs from our consultation, you are going to Love it!! But, if you don't, I do let you have one revision if for some reason I’ve missed the mark. This is why we go over everything in detail before anything is purchased.

At this meeting, we will have some payment to make. Your second installment of 30% of design fees is due. Additionally you’ll need to pay 50% of all tradesmen quotes so they can commence their portion of the work. Also, we are going to review all the purchase orders of all the items (furniture/lighting/tiles/etc.) as these need to be paid in full before I place any order.

Step 6- placement of orders

Once everything has been approved, purchase orders signed, tradesman orders signed, and payment received, I will move forward with placing orders and scheduling the work.

Step 7- Initiation of Trades

At this step your house is about to become a slight construction zone. Tiling, painting, kitchen/bathroom installation etc. can cause a lot of disruption so please exercise patience.

STEP 8- Receipt of orders

Some items may take several weeks to come in; others may be delivered within a week. I will warehouse and store everything as it arrives, inspecting it for any damage whenever possible. If an item needs assembly, or warehoused for extended periods of time, there may be assembly or warehouse fees.

Step 9 – Meeting to Review Budget and Future planning

This meeting will take place with you at your home. We will review the work completed by the tradesmen, and final invoices are now due. This will include the 50% balance on the trade work, designer fee and any other costs that have arisen. At this point we will set the date for installation day.

Step 10- Installation Day

At this stage everything comes together; installation of furnishings, hanging art and window treatments, placing rugs and lamps, styling and staging the space.

Step 11- the big reveals

You finally get to see your dream home.

We will agree on a day to have my photographer over to photograph the transformation.

Step 12- Deficiencies walkthrough

Sometimes things happen. A walkthrough will reveal any concerns or problems, we will point it out for me to correct.

I always plan that this could happen, and pray that it doesn't.

Step 13- Resolving Deficiencies

If there are any deficiencies, we will work through them as efficiently as possible

Step 14 &15 Client Closure Meeting & Binder

After you have settled into your beautiful home I will ask for a final meeting. I want to give you a binder with all your warranty information, fabric samples, paint colors, etc. You’ll be happy to have this information should the need arise in the future. Additionally you will receive a binder with the before /after photos of your home