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Geometric Shapes And Colorful Hues Make Up This Contemporary Waterfront Home

What makes a contemporary style home rememberable is a commitment to modern simplicity, attention to line and space, geometric shapes, and a strict yet well-considered color palette.


Why We Gravitate Toward Beauty in Design

Research has shown that certain choices can be particularly beneficial. “Elements such as color, lighting, space and geometry, furniture, and organization all play a role in a person’s mood and ultimately on a healthy quality of life,” says Eve Joss of Florida’s Rooms by Eve.


Best of the Week: 30 Light-Bringing Voids and Atriums

Why we love it: A void doesn’t have to be all glass to have an impact – keeping out the heat can be more important than flooding a space with light. - Houzz


Beach House by Rooms by Eve

This beautiful contemporary residence desinged by Rooms by Eve is located in Boca Ranton, Florida, United States.

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